"Termite damage amounts to $700 million each year in Australia. Approximately one in five homes is attacked by termites. These are not covered by home insurance" -source CSIRO

Real Estate Pest Control

Restaurant Pest Control

Resturants kitchens stay warm as a result of cooking and washing happening constantly and it provides suitable conditions for breeding of pests/cockroaches. So restaurants are required to be regularly treated for pests under certain govt regulations for safe food handling. Pest control is carried out carefully not to contaminate food, equipments, preparation and serving ares with pesticides residues complying to regulations set out.

Keeping food safety on priority we provide our expert services in general pest control and rodents. We use environmental friendly as well as human safe chemicals for pest control.

Restaurant owners and managers must be aware that although they can do their own pest control (in most states,) there are certain regulations and limitations for pest management in any commercial food handling area. The regulations are in place to ensure that food, food preparation equipment, serving areas, etc. are not contaminated with pesticide insecticide, rodenticide residues.

Measures are also taken in fly control and rodent control to ensure that no body parts can contaminate foods or areas where food is uncovered, prepared, cooked, served or eaten.

The main areas we cover are the main pests threatening your security i.e. general purpose pest control (roaches, ants, spiders, pantry pests, flies, etc.), rodent removal, rodent control. Contact Us

Hotel Pest Control – Motel Pest Control

Several consumer studies show that unpleasant stay of guests at hotels lead to reputation damage and loss of business as their bad experience does get communicated to lot other potential customers. It could cause further damage in the case of food sickness incidents as result of food prepared in contaminated or poorly managed  kitchens.

Save your business from pests and request a free, on-site consultation on integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to your business premises. We also provide a full written reports in pest prevention to comply with Health and safety legislation

Child Care– Preschool Pest Control

There are more chances of pest infestation in child care centers as kids eat lot of sweet food like lollies etc. Kids are more sensitive to pests like spiders, ants and roaches. It becomes very important to maintain cleanliness and provide healthy/safe environment for children .

We help you to provide safe environment as we use human safe and environment friendly chemicals to  treat your facility. Contact us  for pest free place.

Hospitals/old age home Pest Control

To provide healthy and safe environment to the residents in nursing homes is of paramount impportance. Big building often have problems with rodents along with other pests which causes serious damage to buildings. So it is recommended to have preventative treatment before infestation becomes major and pose threat to the resident’s health. Poor pest management lead to negative publicity and damage the reputation.

Contact us to make facility safe for residents

School Uni Pest Control

During school holidays when facility is closed, rodents & pest get the best chances to infest the building. Beside contaminate the facility rodents also cause other damage by cutting or chewing on wires. It is recommended to treat the building before it becomes a home to pests, breed and grow to an extent where it becomes challenge to control them. Its is always recommended to do pest control in school holidays to limit the exposure of children and adults to the chemicals. Contact us for more information and services we provide. Contact Us

Factory / Warehouse Pest Control

Pests and rodents are big problem in factories and warehouse as rodents chew on wires is one of the causes of fires in these facilities. Rodents damage the stock especially if it is a food factory. Spiders find plenty of locations to build their webs in such huge facility. All this poses a serious threat to factory and warehouse workers. Especially in food factories it is hygiene and food safety issue which needs to addressed all the time without any compromise. There are strict regulations around health of safety of workers as well as hygiene and food safety in food factories which needs to complied. Factories and warehouse needs regular monitoring and treatment for past control.

We provide professional services on IPM for factories and warehouse. feel free to contact us.

General Pest Control

For safety of your beloved family, it is absolutely required to treat your home for all the pests- ants, cockroaches, spiders, silver fish, rodents, pantry moths, flies, mosquitoes, crickets, birds etc. These pests can infest your place anytime in a year. We provide services to control all mentioned pests. To further ensure your families safety we use environment friendly as well human and pet safe chemicals.


We would be pleased  to make your home safe for  your family. Contact us.

Pre Purchase Pest Inspection

Pre purchase pest inspection is vital when you buy your dream house or investment property to make sure it is free from termites and wood borers. Research data shows that 1 out of 3 houses are infested with termites. Termites and wood bores cause loss of worth of millions of dollars.

We provide the services to your satisfaction by thoroughly carrying out inspection as per Australian Standard A.S 4349.3. In pre purchase inspection we investigate the timber pest infestation, extent of damaged caused, treatment and preventive measures and information on risks in future.

End of lease pest control

For families having pets -cats and dogs it is mandatory to get your place treated at end of the lease as per guideline set out and followed by real estates. Tenant is responsible to leave the place in clean conditions for the next tenant.

Contact us to discuss if you have specific issues like fleas transmitted through your pets and contaminated the place.

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