Spiders play an important part in our environment as they are essential to natural ecosystems. They usually feed on insects so they are quite beneficial to humans and very few are harmful. There are over 2000 spider species in Australia. Even though most spiders are not aggressive, they may bite in self defence if they feel threatened.

Spiders use venom to kill their prey and this is used against humans in self defence, however spider fangs are often unable to pierce human skin. Those that can may inflict painful, and in rare cases, dangerous bites.Our buildings and gardens are ideal for spiders because they provide food and and anchorage for their webs or soil for their tunnels.

Australia has poisonous spiders and they include the Sydney Funnel Web Spider, the Northern Rivers Funnel Web Spider, Redback Spiders, the Mouse Spider, Wolf Spiders, the Black House Spider and the White-tailed Spider. In Summer and in wet weather, male Funnel Web Spiders can wander indoors in search of a mate. The male is more venomous than the female.