Wasps are from the same family as the bee. They do not however play a role in pollination like bees do. Many wasps are beneficial to us and actually provide us with biological spider control around the house, and so should be left alone.

Some wasps are solitary and some live in colonies. While all wasps can sting, many are not particularly aggressive and do not generally sting unless they are being squashed or directly threatened.

Most wasps build their nest from wood fibers, producing a paper like shelter. These wasps are inactive during the winter months and hide in protective coverings. The queen builds the nests and feeds the young larvae.

If a wasp nest is built inside our home, the resulting problem is an infestation that may become a serious stinging episode and perhaps an associated allergic reaction problem. Also, wasps that nest inside may damage the wallboard or ceiling. Another major problem associated with inside nests is the possibility of scavenger pests that infest abandoned inside wasp nests.

Wasp infestations, whether outdoors or indoors, are best handled by MJ Pest Management professional. Our technician has the experience, equipment and products to safely, effectively and efficiently resolve the concerns. So, whenever wasps are a problem, contact MJ Pest Management professional and request an inspection and a plan for dealing with the issue.